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Bolo Stick continues to spread the news about the importance of office and school safety plans in the event of an active shooter. Barricading doors and sheltering in place is recommended by The Department of Homeland Security. Be sure to check with your state Fire Officials to ensure door barricade devices are allowed in your area. Fire code officials can also apply a variance in codes to allow temporary door barricade devices for emergency events.

Bolo Stick Door Barricade Videos

The Business Journal, Youngstown Ohio, March 2018 - BOLO Stick inventor William Barna talks about the nationwide growth of BOLO Stick as schools take steps to enhance security measures in light of the increase of school shootings.

Channel 19 News, Cleveland Ohio, March 2018 - School shootings are happening at a rate of one a week in the United States. This video shows how the BOLO Stick is implemented, and school administrators talk about why they made the financial commitment to equip their schools with this valuable door barricade device.

WFMJ 21 News, Youngstown Ohio, March 2018 - Jennifer Brindisi interviewed BOLO Stick founder William Barna on the subject of classroom safety in March 2018. Barna explains how he came up with BOLO Stick to supplement ALICE training while he was working as a police officer doing active shooter response training.

Review of BOLO Stick from Captain Joe Puckett of Church Security TV. "Easy [door barricade device] to use in a stressful situation when our hands may not work so great" Endorsed by the National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management (NOCSSM).

Youngstown State University (YSU) holds a conference on active shooter protection. Speakers talked about the importance of having a plan and displayed devices like Bolo Stick that are designed to save lives. WFMJ TV 21 Reports.

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