Residential Door Barricade Installation Guide

Everyone wants their home, family, and possessions safe, and there's no better way to keep them safe than Bolo Stick. Our Bolo Stick Residential Door Barricade is specially designed to keep your home safe and to be a quick and easy installation.

Residential Door Barricade Installation Steps

  • Step 1: On the interior side of closed door, center the Safety Block (B) beneath the door handle with the bottom edge resting 1" above the door bottom and parallel to the floor surface.
  • Step 2: Center 1/8" drill bit in mounting holes and drill pilot holes to 1/2" depth into door.
  • Step 3: Insert a #12 Stainless Steel Screw (D) through the mounting hole of the Safety Block (B) and into the pilot hole. Thread into the door surface but do not tighten completely.
  • Step 4: Insert a #12 Stainless Steel Screw (D) through opposite mounting hole of Safety Block (B) and into the pilot hole. Thread into door surface but do not tighten completely.
  • Step 5: Ensure that Safety Mount is parallel to the floor surface and tighten both screws securely.
  • Step 6: Keeping the door closed, insert Safety Pin (A) into Safety Block (B). Center the Safety Pin (A) and mark the point of contact on the floor surface.
  • Step 7: Center 7/8" drill bit on mark and drill to a depth of 1 1/2". Remove debris from the hole and surrounding area.
  • Step 8: Insert Flanged Anchor (C) into the hole ensuring the flanged area is in contact with floor service. The Flanged Anchor may be secured with adhesive caulk/epoxy at the discretion of the installer.
  • Step 9: Close door and insert Safety Pin (A) through Safety Block (B) and into Flanged Anchor (C) to ensure proper alignment and functionality. Safety Pin (A) must travel freely through Safety Block (B) and into Flanged Anchor (C) without friction or binding. 
  • Step 10: Peel backing from Debris Shield (E) and adhere over the opening of Flanged Anchor (C). Replace debris shield as needed.

Bolo Stick

Bolo Stick LLC was founded by William J. Barna, a 33-year police officer in the aftermath of repetitive critical incidents occurring within schools, churches, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and public venues around the United States. As a veteran officer and certified Police Academy Instructor, he saw the need for an instantaneous solution to barricade interior doors from unwanted intruders. Thus, the Bolo Stick was created to be a solid steel barricade capable of withstanding forces in excess of 2 tons while maintaining affordability to cash-strapped school systems, churches, mosques, synagogues, and businesses. While Bolo Stick was initially developed with schools in mind, it is being utilized in churches, hospitals, daycares, and workplaces as companies increase efforts for workplace security in light of recent public shootings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that 69% of the active-shooter incidents studied between 2000 - 2013 lasted less than 5 minutes. Bolo Stick was designed to serve as a barricade in the protection of human life against unwanted threats. The one-step activation allows for protection in seconds and the low attachment point on doors prevents unwanted room entry while saving lives. Bolo Stick is endorsed by NOCSSM, the National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management. Bolo Stick is a member of the Tennessee Sheriffs' Association (Member No. 973751)

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