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Patio Safety Stopper Installation

Bolo Stick Patio Door Installation steps

If you want to keep your home safe with Bolo Stick, but you have a sliding door, our regular barricade will not work. To overcome this, we invented our Patio Safety Bar, which is just as protective, easy to install, and an excellent alternative to a broomstick or a sliding door safety bar.

  • Step 1: Close the sliding door.
  • Step 2: On the interior side of the sliding door, place the Patio Safety Pin on the door track beside the closed sliding door.
  • Step 3: Center the Patio Safety Pin on track so that the flanged area is close to the door frame but not touching (approximately 1/16").
  • Step 4: Mark the point of contact on the door track.
  • Step 5: Center a 5/16" bit on track at the point of contact and drill through the door track into the floor surface.
  • Step 6: Remove debris from the hole and surrounding area.
  • Step 7: Insert Patio Safety Pin into the hole in the door track, ensuring that the flanged area rests flush with the track.
  • Step 8: Installation is complete.
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Bolo Stick LLC was founded by William J. Barna, a 33-year police officer. Bolo Stick was designed to serve as a barricade in the protection of human life against unwanted threats. The one-step activation allows for protection in seconds and the low attachment point on doors prevents unwanted room entry while saving lives.

Patio Safety Stopper Installation
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