Patio Safety Stopper Installation Guide

If you want to keep your home safe with Bolo Stick but you have a sliding door, our regular barricade will not work. To overcome this, we invented our Patio Safety Bar, which is just as protective, as easy to install, and an excellent alternative to a broomstick or a sliding door safety bar.   

  • Step 1: Close the sliding door. 
  • Step 2: On the interior side of the sliding door, place the Patio Safety Pin on the door track beside the closed sliding door. 
  • Step 3: Center the Patio Safety Pin on track so that the flanged area is close to the door frame, but not touching (approximately 1/16").
  • Step 4: Mark point of contact on the door track. 
  • Step 5: Center a 5/16" bit on track at the point of contact and drill through the door track into the floor surface. 
  • Step 6: Remove debris from the hole and surrounding area. 
  • Step 7: Insert Patio Safety Pin into the hole in the door track ensuring that the flanged area rests flush with the track. 
  • Step 8: Installation is complete. 

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Bolo Stick LLC was founded by William J. Barna, a 31-year police officer in the aftermath of repetitive critical incidents occurring within schools, churches, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and public venues around the United States. As a veteran officer and certified Police Academy Instructor, he saw the need for an instantaneous solution to barricade interior doors from unwanted intruders.

Easy-to-install Sliding Patio Door Safety Stopper

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