Interview with Bolo Stick Inventor Bill Barna

Interview with Bolo Stick Inventor Bill Barna

My name is Bill Barna. I've been a police officer for 32 years and back in 2013 I was an active shooter instructor and teaching our Police Departments a single officer response and dual officer response to active shooter situations. In doing so, I noticed that schools were utilizing the ALICE program to safeguard students which in short was basically just increasing awareness and shutting down the lights and locking the doors for the classrooms to prevent an active shooter from coming in. In doing, so I spoke with the educators there [and] the administrators and I asked them if I came up with a better way to safeguard the classrooms if they'd be interested. In which I received resounding. Yes!

So I started tinkering around with some ideas and came up with a device that was very simple to use, very strong and very affordable and I call it the bolo stick. So, the Bolo Stick, is very simply a device to keep the classroom door or office door from being open from the outside from unwanted intruder.

It's made of solid steel 1045 cold-rolled steel There are three components, one mount which mounts to the door on the inside of the doorn two stainless steel screws that come through and attach to the mount a safety anchor that goes an inch and a half into the floor and then the safety pin which is a five and a half inch rod which goes down and secures the door from being pried open?

The Bolo Stick's mission is really quite simple. It's not about making millions of dollars. It's about making millions of products and safeguarding lives. Initially when we first came out we were at an MSRP of $99 a unit and with that being said we were in the median range of door barricade devices. We still found through trade shows and in talking with more and more administrators that was still not affordable to them. So we realigned our whole manufacturing process and we cut our price down to $59 a unit. Which was drastic. I mean I don't think you're gonna find another company out there that cuts its price in half just in order to get more devices out there uite simply. It's more important for me to get more units out into school districts to safeguard the lives than it is to make a profit. So bolo stick door barricades is a very simple safe and strong alternative to safeguard classrooms. We use our tagline strong, simple, and safe because the strong is for the steel components that we use, simple because it's a one-step operation and safe is because it prevents people from entering the classroom.

Interview with Bolo Stick Inventor Bill Barna

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