Door Barricade [FAQ] security door stopper Lockdown Device for Schools

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Door Barricade [FAQ] security door stopper Lockdown Device for Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bolo Stick differ from the other door barricade products available?

Bolo Stick differs from many of the other door barricade security products because of it's ease of implementation, the lack of electrical and mechanical components, and the fact that the door remains shut the entire time it takes to implement the product.

What's wrong with just locking the door?

While standard door locks provide some deterrent, the Dept. of Homeland Security recommends utilizing both a lock and a door barricade to prevent unwanted entry. Additionally, many classroom doors contain a glass viewing pane that can be shattered allowing the door to be unlocked and opened. Bolo Stick mounts at the bottom of the door to provide an additional point of contact and maximum strength while being more resistant to disengagement.

Is there any special training required to use Bolo Stick?

No. Bolo Stick is easily deployed by inserting the cylindrical Safety Pin into the round hole on the Safety Mount. It is easily removed without the use of a key, special knowledge, or effort.

When should Bolo Stick be used?

The designed and specified use of Bolo Stick is to serve as a barricade and preserve human life against an imminent threat. Bolo Stick should only be deployed when there is an imminent threat to the lives of room occupants and when a security barricade is required to prevent room access. It is NOT to be used as a locking device in any other capacity as this could violate existing fire and building codes. Bolo Stick LLC recommends contacting Police, Fire, and Building Code authorities within your jurisdiction to ensure code compliance.

What's wrong with just stacking desks and chairs in front of the door?

The process of stacking desks and chairs, while helpful, requires time, labor, and mobility. Considering the safety of all students in grades K-12, it may be difficult for younger students to assist. Additionally, the desks and chairs do not provide any resistance to unwanted opening of the door itself as most classroom doors open outward into the hall. Bolo Stick has a one-step activation—insert the round peg into the round hole—and the door is secured against forces in excess of 2 tons. Bolo Stick can be deployed and disengaged by students of almost any age.

Will Bolo Stick work on any door?

Bolo Stick is designed to work on virtually any in-swinging or out-swinging door. It can be readily used on a variety of doors such as classrooms, offices, or interior doors within a residence.

How about the floor?

The Bolo Stick is designed with all floors in mind. Whether you've got concrete or tile, it can be readily used in any room, in any building. The only change would be in the type of drill and drill bit you use during installation.

Where is the Safety Pin located when not in use?

Since Bolo Stick is designed for use as a door security barricade to preserve human life against an imminent threat, it is recommended that the Safety Pin is stored separately and away from the door in a consistent location within each room designated by the purchaser/agency. The Safety Pin should be easily accessible and free from impediment for quick deployment. The safety pin also has an angled tip to be used as a glass breaking tool if a different emergency—like a fire—should arise.

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