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Purchase Door Lockdown Barricade Device

We offer one of the best and simplest schools or office door barricade. Our lockdown device designed by 30 year veteran police officer and substitute teacher using the round-peg-round-hole philosophy, and it is free of electrical and mechanical components. The simplest way to combat an active shooter in a school or other public building is to deny them room access by utilizing the Bolo Stick door barricade. Contact for questions or bulk door barricade orders.

When should a Door Barricade Be Used?

The designed and specified use of Bolo Stick is to serve as a barricade and preserve human life against an imminent threat. Bolo Stick should only be deployed when there is an imminent threat to the lives of room occupants and when a security barricade is required to prevent room access. It is NOT to be used as a locking device in any other capacity as this could violate existing fire and building codes. Bolo Stick LLC recommends contacting Police, Fire, and Building Code authorities within your jurisdiction to ensure code compliance.

See the FAQ of door lockdown devices

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