Bolo Stick Door Barricade Reviews and Testimonials

A Simple Commercial Door Barricade Lockdown Device

The Bolo Stick Door security device has been endorsed by School Officials, Policed Officers, Firefighters, Church Leaders, and Security Experts because is a strong, simple, safe, and affordable.

The simple one-step round hole/round peg philosophy eliminates the need for fine motor skills under stress. Community leaders have selected our door barricade device because it does not require any special knowledge to operate and has universal mounting for inward or outward swinging doors. As one of the best school, church or office lockdown devices on the market, our mission is to give everyone a one-step method to save lives.

We are proud of the endorsement we have received. See more Bolo Stick security videos.

A Residential Door Barricade for entry doors and patio sliding doors

Most home intruders enter through the front door. Protect your family by adding an additional layer of security to your home with Bolo Stick, the only residential door barricade on the market today.

THome break-ins are more common than you think. In fact, nearly 2 million homes are burglarized each year in America alone! And most of these crimes happen during daytime hours when no one is home. That's why it's so important to have a plan for protecting yourself and your loved ones from becoming victims of this crime.

The BOLO STICK Residential Door Barricade provides added protection against home invasions by placing a point of resistance at floor level that discourages even the most focused intruder from entering through an exterior door or window without first breaking through multiple layers of steel components mounted onto both sides of your entryway doorsill plate(s). Purchase The Bolo Stick Door Barricade Online.

John C. Jones - Bullard Independent School Distict - Director of School Safety
Bullard, TX

""In a smaller school district built over years of changing building codes, Bolo Stick was the product we selected which met all of our criteria to function with the least possible amount of human or mechanical error, while consistently and uniformly securing doors opening in both directions. Using Bolo Stick uniformly throughout the district provided the opportunity to streamline training for regular and substitute staff and comply with newly enacted legislation. Our staff has reported feeling empowered and more confident in the knowledge that once Bolo Stick is deployed, no threat can get into their classroom(s)." "

John Grabowski - Champion Local Schools Superintendent
Warren, OH

"We felt it was the best quality device that was out there... the easiest for our teachers to use and for our maintenance staff to install."

Brian Taylor - Fire Chief, Pleasant Township Fire Department Franklin County, Ohio
Grove City, OH

"I believe that the Bolo Stick is the best and most cost-effective security device on the market today. As a Fire Chief, I endorse the Bolo Stick because of its simplicity, ease of use, and compliance with local fire codes. As a parent, I endorse the Bolo Stick because it will keep my kids safer."

Dusty McGee - Assistant Superintendent, Liberty ISD
Liberty, TX

"Mr. Bill Barna at Bolo Stick has truly gone out of his way to develop a great partnership with Liberty ISD. His personal commitment to helping us ensure the safety of our students, teachers, and staff has never wavered. Liberty ISD appreciates the personal support that is always one call away."

Dave Harrison - School Resource Officer, Lordstown Police Department
Warren, OH

"It's a great device to aid in the safety of our students"

Dave Hayes - Chief of Police, Sagamore Hills Police Department, former SWAT and Prince George's County Police Department
Northfield, OH

"The Bolo Stick is an affordable way to safeguard our children's lives"

Captain Joe Puckett - Former Law Enforcement Administrator Safety Strategy Expert
Medford, OR

"It's a small device. It's easy to use, easy to deploy when you're stressed during an emergency and maybe you're hands don't work so well. This is a great device."

Alan Bansky - Phoenix Police Department, Homeland Defense Bureau Intelligence Officer
Phoenix, AZ

"When I look at Bolo Stick I see a tool that will change the outcome of these horrific events that are becoming a trend within our schools"

Jason Gray - Superintendent Trumbull County Career & Technical Center
Warren, OH

"I was looking for a safe, affordable way to add that extra security and Bolo Stick delivered. The Bolo Stick was easy to use and able to be done from inside the classroom."

Clyde McKenzie - Fire Chief (Retired) Bazetta Township Fire Department, Ohio Fire Cheifs Association Board of Director
Bazetta, OH

"Bolo Stick is code compliant and it's one-step activation can save lives"

Shawn Bryant - Mass Casualty Expert
Warren, OH

"The Bolo Stick will make a tremendous change in the improvement of patient outcome in critical incidents"

A.J. Calderone - LaBrae School District Superintendent
LaBrae, OH

"We tried to replicate what it would be like to use this when tensions were high... where people were nervous, scared and trying to act quickly... we felt that of all the devices we tested that the Bolo Stick offered... plenty of tolerance for the pin, a lot of clearance, won't bind and so in a rush, we don't have to worry about something failing or not happening."

Kevin Spicher - Howland School District Superintendent
Warren, OH

"The optimal device that is on the market to ensure that we keep the students as safe as we possibly can and that our staff feels secure at the same time."

Jeff Hobbs - Superintendent Fairlawn Local Schools
Sidney, OH

"Very rarely do you work with the owner and inventor of a product in our business. William (Bill) Barna is truly the reason this company is successful! Our district is small and could be a blip on his radar, but he treated us like we were his only client. The product is amazingly easy to install and super effective. We looked at them all and the Bolo Stick was runaway the winner. The price point was very friendly for a small school budget and the company stands behind every product they sell. I won’t recommend any other product for door safety to my colleagues because the Bolo Stick is that good."

Tomer Grimberg - Southwest Construction NAHB Certified.
, Other

"Southwest Construction has just completed the installation of 70 Bolosticks in a local Jewish high school in Los Angeles. The product works well, and installation was easy and as described in your videos. Students and staff were instructed on implementing the Bolo stick, and were impressed with how easy it was to lock the doors. There is a renewed sense of security among all, and even the hired armed guards are impressed with the product and its use. Thank you for helping keep our precious students safe."

Ken Thomas - Security Professional
, Other

"I've acquire virtually every barricade device on the market to review and demo during facility security assessments and school visits. Bolo Stick has been my go-to recommendation for school districts for a few years now and will be for many more. For a device to be effective, it must be 1) cost-effective 2) easy to install 3) most importantly, EASY TO USE. You guys got it right. Keep up the great work."

Carl Fercana -
, Other

"I have a home with two sliding glass doors and there's nothing I hate more than having that big ugly stick in the door blocking it so no one can break in. So today I changed that I ordered these Bolo Stick Patio door safety pins. Took me literally 5 minutes to install them both, no more big ugly stick and now I have a clean look with a safety pin that's solid steel and stronger than the piece of wood ever was protecting my home! Best part it's made in the USA!"

Melissa Waid Massar Shuten -
, Other

"Excited to have the extra security for my sliders! And SO easy to install!! Thank you William John! #BOLOSTICK"

Bolo Stick

Bolo Stick LLC was founded by William J. Barna, a 33-year police officer in the aftermath of repetitive critical incidents occurring within schools, churches, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and public venues around the United States. As a veteran officer and certified Police Academy Instructor, he saw the need for an instantaneous solution to barricade interior doors from unwanted intruders. Thus, the Bolo Stick was created to be a solid steel barricade capable of withstanding forces in excess of 2 tons while maintaining affordability to cash-strapped school systems, churches, mosques, synagogues, and businesses. While Bolo Stick was initially developed with schools in mind, it is being utilized in churches, hospitals, daycares, and workplaces as companies increase efforts for workplace security in light of recent public shootings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that 69% of the active-shooter incidents studied between 2000 - 2013 lasted less than 5 minutes. Bolo Stick was designed to serve as a barricade in the protection of human life against unwanted threats. The one-step activation allows for protection in seconds and the low attachment point on doors prevents unwanted room entry while saving lives. Bolo Stick is endorsed by NOCSSM, the National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management. Bolo Stick is a member of the Tennessee Sheriffs' Association (Member No. 973751)

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