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Bolo Stick was created to be a solid steel locking device capable of withstanding forces in excess of 2 tons while maintaining affordability to cash-strapped schools, churches, and businesses.Invented by William J. Barna, a 31-year police officer in the aftermath of repetitive critical incidents occurring within schools, churches, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and public venues around the United States. Bill shares his security knowledge to help protect lives from threats.

Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

Are we hardening soft-target areas or just not occupying them anymore?

It would be great to believe that we have finally got a handle securing soft-target locations from critical incidents such as Active Shooters. Right? If we trust the statistical data, there is empirical evidence to show that casualties…
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Leave Your Mark with Coldwell Banker

Leave Your Mark with Coldwell Banker EvenBay Real Estate

Interview with  EvenBay Real Estate EvenBay Real Estate : "Hi, welcome to another segment of 'Leave Your Mark' with Coldwell Banker EvenBay Real Estate . In this segment, we talk about tools, technologies,…
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Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

Cosmetic Approaches to Home Security can be Ugly in the end

It's another day of the same routine as you turn the lock on the door, engage the deadbolt, and head off to work. Your home is empty, locked up, and secure. But is it? If you're like most American homeowners, you haven't given much thought…
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Deadbolt Lock

Learn How a Bag of Potatoes Can Defeat Your Deadbolt Lock

Many, if not all of us, are subject to the nighttime routine of closing the windows and locking the doors before we retire for a good night’s sleep. We rest comfortably knowing that our doors are secured with deadbolts to prevent the unwanted…
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Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

Locks just keep the honest people honest

Safety comes in many shapes and sizes and is directly proportionate to an individual’s level of understanding. We are living in a world where the levels of violence increase daily and critical incidents spread through schools, churches,…
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Door Lock Down Device

Bill Barna, President, Bolo Stick LLC

School districts have always prepared for the inevitable rainy day as the economy continued its rollercoaster ride. Budget shortfalls, levies, and unexpected repairs have always driven administrators to become creative and prudent with…
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School Stress

Schools need hardening of security due to Active Shooter incidents

As if school districts weren’t already trying to do more with less, along comes an unseen enemy that paralyzed the already laboring system. A virus, a submicroscopic infectious agent that has single-handedly caused the modern world to come…
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Stay at Home orders

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Take action to secure against all threats On March 12, 2020, the 2019-20 school year was dealt its first delay because of the COVID19 pandemic. The disruption to routine schooling provided a small glimpse of the inevitable shut-down…
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Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

Maybe, just maybe, it was time for a “Time Out”

The fast-paced American society had each of us doing more with less, traveling more, and being immersed in highly populated environments in the course of each working day. The pursuit of the larger paycheck and higher social status caused…
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Church security

Churches need to increase door barricade security

The “House of Worship” is a building intended for the performance of divine services and religious rituals. It should be a safe haven for worshippers to gather, but in recent days it has become a target for deranged individuals with ill…
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security door stop

Should Schools Run Active Shooter Drills?

We live in a period of time where violence has become the social norm. Turn on the television, the computer, or the radio and the story of the day is usually regarding some sort of mass violence that has shattered the sanctity of a school,…
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Back to School Safety and Security

Back to School Safety and Lock Down Security

There will be an estimated 51 million kids returning to school in the United States just after the Labor Day weekend. The summer has come and gone and the evening air is starting to cool down signaling that school will soon be in session.…
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After Columbine High School tragedy

America’s conscience was awakened after Columbine High School tragedy

There probably isn’t a single person that hasn’t heard of the tragic loss of life at Columbine High School. On April 20, 1999. America’s conscience was awakened to the harsh new reality of the evil that lurks within our midst, our neighborhood,…
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Bolo Stick Inventor Bill Barna

Interview with Bolo Stick Inventor Bill Barna

My name is Bill Barna. I've been a police officer for 32 years and back in 2013 I was an active shooter instructor and teaching our Police Departments a single officer response and dual officer response to active shooter situations. In…
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active shooter lockdown

Active Shooters Lockdown strategies

Threat Awareness to the Forefront We have all been made aware of things that are inherently dangerous to us. Usually, the threat is vague and innocuous so we pay it little attention. It is easier and more beneficial to our …
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violence in schools and work place

Signs of violence within the schools and workplaces

Do this, don’t do that, we are bombarded by signs that dictate a course of preferred behaviors throughout our daily lives. Almost all of these signs are easy to recognize as they garner our attention with their vibrant colors and clear…
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Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

School, Church, and Workplace Door Barricade Safety.

Baby, it’s cold outside! As the thermometer starts to dip I am reminded of my younger days when frolicking outside in the snow was so much fun. My mother used to bundle my brother and I from head to toe, carefully layering clothing to make…
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bolo stick active shooter defense

Ways to combat the active shooter threat

In the 1950’s school children were instructed to “Duck and Cover” in the event of a nuclear explosion. The idea was that kneeling under a desk with hands clutched over necks would safeguard children against nuclear attacks from communist…
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Should Teachers Be Armed In Our Schools

Should teachers be armed in our schools?

How safe is too safe, or unsafe? A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences, or values. 1 This person must also possess core characteristics such as being kind, compassionate, empathetic, positive,…
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dangers of school bullying

Protection from School bullies with a door barricade

It’s no secret that navigating the adolescent years of school can be a rough time for some. Monumental stressors of clothing inequalities, body image, and group demographic serve as the catalyst for physical and emotional abuse by Bullies.…
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Stress During Security Incidents

Preventing Stress during active shooter Security Incidents

Why do we practice mass shooting safety? Laws regarding rapid dismissals and safety drills have every school administrator wondering why there have to be so many disruptions to the educational process. As we all know already, there isn’t…
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Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

Is your child worth the cost of a door barricade?

We all know that raising a child today is expensive. A report issued by the Department of Agriculture [1] states: For a middle-income family to raise a child born in 2015 through the age of 17, the cost of rearing that child has hit…
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    Bolo Stick

    Bolo Stick LLC was founded by William J. Barna, a 33-year police officer in the aftermath of repetitive critical incidents occurring within schools, churches, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and public venues around the United States. As a veteran officer and certified Police Academy Instructor, he saw the need for an instantaneous solution to barricade interior doors from unwanted intruders. Thus, the Bolo Stick was created to be a solid steel barricade capable of withstanding forces in excess of 2 tons while maintaining affordability to cash-strapped school systems, churches, mosques, synagogues, and businesses. While Bolo Stick was initially developed with schools in mind, it is being utilized in churches, hospitals, daycares, and workplaces as companies increase efforts for workplace security in light of recent public shootings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that 69% of the active-shooter incidents studied between 2000 - 2013 lasted less than 5 minutes. Bolo Stick was designed to serve as a barricade in the protection of human life against unwanted threats. The one-step activation allows for protection in seconds and the low attachment point on doors prevents unwanted room entry while saving lives. Bolo Stick is endorsed by NOCSSM, the National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management. Bolo Stick is a member of the Tennessee Sheriffs' Association (Member No. 973751)

    Bolo Stick School, Church and Office Security Blog

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