Bolo Stick Door Barricade Installation Guide

Simple, Safe, and Strong

Bolo Stick LLC recommends contacting Police, Fire, and Building Code authorities within your jurisdiction to ensure code compliance. Our strong, simple, safe and affordable door lockdown device is easy to install by either an on staff maintenance crew or an outside contractor. No special tools are needed except the Bolo Stick Security Bits to tighten the bolts.

Installation of our security door stop is almost as simple as using it to secure your door. The Bolo stick locksdowns both inswing and outswing doors and can be installed on almost any floor. If you have concerns please call us at (330) 240-0422 or use our contact form.

Door Barricade Installation Steps

Door Barricade1. On the interior side of the door, center the Safety Block beneath the door handle with the bottom edge one inch above the bottom of the door and parallel to the floor surface. Mark holes.

2. Center 3/8” drill bit on the marks and drill the holes through the door. Make sure that the holes are all of the way through the door and clear of debris.

3. Insert the Security Screws through the exterior of the door and thread them tightly into the Safety Block on the interior side of the door.

4. Close the door and center the Safety Pin into the Safety Block. Gently tap on the Safety Pin with a hammer to mark the floor surface. Remove the Safety Pin.

5. Open the door and then center a 7/8" drill bit on the mark. Drill to a depth of 1.5 inches. Remove debris from the hole and the surrounding area.

6. Close the door and insert the Safety Pin into the Safety Anchor to make sure the hole and the Safety Anchor line up. If the Safety Block and the hole do not line up, follow these instructions.

7. Open the door and insert the Safety Anchor into the hole ensuring that the top of the Safety Anchor is flush with the floor's surface. It is imperative that the Safety Anchor does not protrude from the floor surface.

8. Close the door and insert the Safety Pin into the Safety Block and Safety Anchor. The Safety Pin must be able to move freely in and out of the Safety Block and Safety Anchor without friction or binding.

The door lockdown Installation is now complete!

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